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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

iPod journal for April 2006

A few years ago I started making mix CDs of songs I was listening to a lot during a particular month. It was an idea I stole from Cameron Crowe, who kept monthly mix tapes as a sort of musical journal. I like it because music is my best memory jogger, and I can listen to a disc I made in Sept. 2003 and remember exactly what I was doing that month.

I started doing monthly iPod playlists last month, which affords more song space and better access. Here's my playlist for April 2006.

1. Built To Spill, "Goin' Against Your Mind"
2. Phil Collins, "Inside Out"
3. Elf Power, "Come Lie With Me"
4. National Eye, "Silver Agers"
5. Beck, "Girl Dreams"
6. Robert Pollard, "U.S. Mustard Company"
7. Gin Blossoms, "Pieces of the Night"
8. Eagles of Death Metal, "I Like to Move in the Night"
9. Devin Davis, "Sandy"
10. Nada Surf, "No Quick Fix"
11. The Figgs, "Reaction" (Live)
12. Mylo, "In My Arms"
13. Elliott Smith, "Junk Bond Trader"
14. The Jam, "Monday"
15. Pearls Before Swine, "Butterflies"
16. Tom Waits, "Hang Down Your Head"
17. The Reigning Sound, "I Don't Know How To Tell You"
18. Spoon, "Lines in the Suit"
19. Marah, "My Heart is the Bums in the Street"
20. Robert Pollard, "Release the Sunbird"
21. Cream "N.S.U." (Live)
22. Derek and the Dominoes, "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?"
23. Talking Heads, "Uh-oh Love Comes to Town"
24. Elton John, "Honky Tonk Woman" (Live)
25. Dwight Twilley Band, "Lookin' for a Magic"
26. Death Cab for Cutie, "Crooked Teeth" (Live iTunes Version)
27. Devin Davis, "Transcendental Sports Anthem"
28. Counting Crows, "Mrs. Potter's Lullabye"
29. Bright Eyes, "The Calendar Hung Itself ..."
30. Built To Spill, "Liar"
31. Spoon, "Metal School"
32. You Am I, "What I Don't Know About You"
33. Joe Cocker, "The Letter"
34. Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos, "Take it So Hard" (Live)


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