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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shameless self-promotion

I wrote a pretty extensive story today on the hip-hop scene in Wisconsin. You didn't know there was a hip-hop scene in Wisconsin? Read my story and learn more, dudes!

Believe it or not, Wisconsin actually has a fairly vibrant hip-hop scene with outposts in major cities as well as small towns like Wausau, Eau Claire and other far-flung places that make Appleton look like the Bronx.

In Milwaukee, home to both entries on the state's modest list of hip-hop stars, Coo Cool Cal and Speech of early '90s rap group Arrested Development, there are close to 300 active hip-hop outfits, according to Gorilla Promo, which promotes the Brew Town rap scene. Madison also has dozens of MCs and producers, many of which are listed at www.madisonhiphop.com.

"It's a very large hip-hop scene down here," Gorilla Promo president Fidel said. Gorilla Promo's goal is to unite Milwaukee's diverse collection of rappers into a tangible movement that could potentially garner national attention.

"The reason Milwaukee hasn't blown up yet is because it doesn't have a sound," said Fidel, who noted "the industry is sniffing around" the local scene anyway. Pop rapper Rico Love, who signed to Usher's record label, has made the biggest splash so far.

"Somebody is going to blow up any minute," Fidel said.

Read more here.


Blogger mark said...

"I think hip-hop is almost on the verge of non-existence," Henderson said.. and then.... "Everybody is doing it there."

it's thriving out here. there are scores upon scores of underground movements and the not so underground. there are poetry slams.. .there are documentaries. it's all very non-diddyfied. which is easy to avoid if you want to avoid it.

i think this dude talking about Milwaukee is right. but what is blowing up to him? that's a definition that goes back to the little richard quote. it goes in cycles from region to region. philadelphia, oakland, LA, lately chicago..


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