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Monday, April 17, 2006

Do you like to read?

If so, check out these links: Steve Martin proves that he can still be clever when he's not busy making craphole movies with kids and Beyonce with this funny piece about the recent New York Post Page 6 debacle; and one of my faves, Chuck Klosterman, brilliantly explains how the Barry Bonds 'roid scandal is destroying baseball.


Blogger mark said...

it's not just bonds. it's half of everything I've associated with in my life so far. bonds, the olympics, growing up catholoic (unmolested thank god), our high school police liason officer, my elementary school gym teacher (again luckily unmolested), the current president, the last president, commercials on TV, time magazine, history books (well not my zinn- history of america).. they're all full of, and or based on lies, and we all know it, or learn later about it. some of us care and some of us don't. Some of us care a lot about barry bonds but not about WMD's or east Africans. Some of us care about capitalism and how we're now often forced to buy water to drink because the usual source is too polluted, and in the future will be sold clean air to breath (god bless america, only) but have no problems cheering barry on at a Giants game.

Did Jimi Hendrix cheat at writing brilliant guitar parts because he was always high?

Hell, I spent months enjoying the Gophers run to the final four my freshman year, i was drumming with the pep band.. and that ended up being a scandal too, they were stripped of the big ten title, and all the final four run banners.. none of that ever happened apparently. But it did and i enjoyed it, just like when i watched Bonds break Mark McGwire's home run record. That was fun.

Kinda like my "degree" well that's for real.. but come on.. skipping class to play Frisbee or drive to eau claire...??

I like watching bonds play and I cheer for him. Just like i still like Clinton, and still like the '97 gopher team. Even the '85 Bears probably cheated, but they're my all-time fav too. What about lawrence taylor and dwight gooden or global warming?


Let's just hate everyone and ignore the important stuff. Although pat o'brian and marv albert are back on the air.. and they're still the best gossip and basketball commentators out there.

OK, way too long. congrats if you read all this b.s.

1:59 PM  
Blogger mark said...

Major League Baseball fined Barry Bonds $5,000 on Wednesday because of an apparel infraction regarding the size and design of the logo on his wristbands.

it's a witch hunt!

3:26 PM  

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