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Monday, February 20, 2006

Will you please lend Ricky Williams your urine?

It looks like High Times' RB of the year (as in Rasta Back) has failed another drug test. The news likely will trigger an avalanche of "Ricky is a bad teammate" columns from sports writers, but where was the team for Ricky on this one? Not one guy out of 53 stepped forward with a cup of clean drug-test juice? That's coooold, mon.

Bad news is Ricky probably won't be playing in the NFL this year. Good news is he can have one of those college-style all-day Madden and Mountain Dew gorges whenever he wants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog about pee reminds me of the days when they were more focused on turds and poop. -m

6:50 PM  

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