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Thursday, October 19, 2006

When rock stars attack

Speaking of Jeff Tweedy, I'm pretty geeked about seeing the man play a solo show Oct. 30 at the beautiful Pabst Theater in Milwaukee. Hopefully fans will behave that night, but if they don't, the mild-mannered Tweedy is prepared to kick some ass.

From Pitchfork: According to an anonymous Pitchfork reader, Tweedy punched a rowdy fan in the face about 30 minutes into Wilco's set yesterday evening. "So some dude jumps on the stage," the reader claims. "After he gets on stage (who really does this at a Wilco show?), he runs up to Tweedy to give him a fat smooch on his cheek.

"Tweedy freaks out like the retard from [There's] Something About Mary who doesn't like having his ears touched and grabs the dude by his throat. While clinching to his throat, Jeff hauls off and decks him with a punch/open hand slap/shove to the face and [the] dude skirmishes away. Tweedy later apologizes (sort of) and hurries to the point of the set where they bow out before the encore."

Another show attendee e-mailed us, adding, "Tweedy had to comment. 'I mean, come on guys, we aren't used to that! You guys have to stay down there.
Judging by this YouTube clip, Tweedy was totally justified. Wait for about a minute in:

Here is Tweedy apologizing:

Again, Tweedy is justified in my opinion. Memo to drunken idiots: Get off the stage. Remember Dimebag Darrell? You will, and deserve to, be dropped if you step where you don't belong. Just look at how my man Keith Richards deals with intruders.

Is anyone looking into the construction of secret, underground lairs?

There are now 300 million people in the United States. Three hundred million. Three. Hundred. Freaking. Million. Sorry, but it bears repeating. So does this: It took this country about 200 years to get 200 million people, and about 40 years to add another 100 million. That means we are producing Americans more than twice as efficiently as we used to. At this rate we will hit 400 million by 2020 or so.

i was just reading The Post-Crescent's editorial on this subject, and I find their position on this interesting. Basically, it's "we have to do something about this." Huh? Here's a quote: "These are issues such as Social Security, Medicare, health care, illegal immigration, government spending — to name just a few. Every major problem the nation faces is made more serious because it affects more people as the nation grows. We can try to deal with those issues now — or we can continue to put them off."

Here's my question (and since the person who wrote this is likely reading this blog, consider it a direct question to you, my man): What exactly are we supposed to do? The population is growing crazy fast. Young couples are having babies and dragging them around in those huge three-baby strollers. Old people aren't dying. Dudes are sneaking across the border to put up dry wall and pick berries and work as waiters in Mexican restaurants.

What are we supposed to do about that?

The P-C means government programs will become even more stressed as more people come into the country. But what's threatening these programs right now is the number of people we have right now. So how can we fix them if still more people are standing in line? "Dealing with these issues," then, is figuring out a way not to have so many damn people in this country. It's hard enough to find a decent-paying job or a good parking spot as it is. Besides, whenever we start adding people to the population, very rarely do we find a Jon Stewart, a Jeff Tweedy or a Scarlett Johansson in the mix. It's just more dumb, fat people who will drive the speed limit in the passing lane.

Is anyone looking into the construction of secret, underground lairs? I know underground lairs have a bad rep due to James Bond villians, but below Earth living is a viable option for maximizing our planetary real estate. After all, we have been throwing dead people down there for years. How about some living ones?

Monday, October 16, 2006