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Monday, September 18, 2006

Who wants to see a middle-aged woman hit on Bob Barker?

I don't get "The Price is Right." I mean, I get the concept of the show. Even for a game show, "The Price is Right" has a pretty basic premise. I just don't get why this show is so popular. It's decent enough, I guess. I just like my game shows to be a little trashier and ironcially funnier. "The Price is Right" is trashy right down to the set that hasn't been updated since 1979, but not quite trashy enough. Maybe when they had an announcer named Rod Roddy, but not now.

Still, new generations latch on to "The Price is Right" and make pilgrimmages to Studio City to congregate with other screaming lovers of competitive commerce. And the object of their affection is Bob Barker, a 2,000-year-old fanny-grabbing lecher whose life-long practice of the game show arts has left him looking like a tan saddle bag. Apparently some women find this attractive. The clip below features a woman hoping for some Viagra-poppin' action with really, really Ol' Bob.


Anonymous rackow said...


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Anonymous gavin said...

how is that hitting on bob?

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