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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Laughing at celebrities on drugs

Some Web site named Cracked.com (apparently related to the old Mad Magazine knock-off, now trying to be an Onion knock-off) has a funny feature called "The 5 Most Obviously Drug-Fueled TV Appearances Ever."

A lot of good stuff here, including clips of James Brown, Richard Pryor and Klaus Kinski. (Now there's a party I want to be at.)

My favorite clip is from a supremely weird Crispin Glover appearance on David Letterman from the late 1980s. Acutally, I don't think Glover is on drugs here, just doing his George McFly on acid schtick. But it's still pretty entertaining.


Blogger mark said...

mCfly comparison = dead on

1:24 AM  
Anonymous gavin said...

Is Letterman really this dense?

2:26 AM  

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