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Friday, August 18, 2006

Everything I Know About Drugs I Learned From Hollywood

Under30blog does not condone drug use. But I do like drug scenes in movies. It's for the same reason I like violence in movies: it represents abhorrent behavior I find scary in real life, but in movies it's fascinating and fun to watch. Yay drugs and violence!

The above video is a genius collage of famous movie drug scenes. It's called "Everything I Know About Drugs I Learned from Movies." Pot, cocaine, heroin, booze, it's all covered. I figured this might be a handy way to kickstart the weekend. Party!


Anonymous cheddar said...

In a criminology class in college, I had a group assignment regarding the cycle of crime and violence in black children in poor neighborhoods. For part of our report, we showed the class the montage from "Menace II Society" where the protagonist cooks up a batch of crack as his voiceover explains that making and selling drugs is the only thing his father ever taught him.

We got an A, and the teacher said she couldn't wait to see the rest of the movie at home. LOL

Scene didn't make the cut for this video, though. Sad.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Nick P. said...

This montage really reinforced my opinion that drug movies and drug scenes in movies are really boring. Who cares whether a writer on ALF was a drug addict? Who cares about any of these loathsome characters and their pathetic drug problems? And is there any way to portray drugs in movies without it coming across as an Afterschool Special? I personally don't think "Requiem for a Dream" was any less moralizing than that Punky Brewster episode, just a little more stylish. Drugs are bad. We get it.

1:03 PM  
Blogger johnny said...

I feel dirty, violated and in total shock! The way you equate drug use to violence,and then both to abhorrent behavior! You have become the man, I mean, "the man". Steve Hyden is the next RUSH LIMBAUGH.

11:51 AM  

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