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Friday, August 18, 2006

Can we please stop humoring David Copperfield?

A "story" broke this week about David Copperfield discovering the fountain of youth. And I just recieved the following press release:

In his first interview since the announcement earlier this week of the uncovering of a “fountain of youth” (see Reuters article below), master illusionist David Copperfield spoke exclusively today with CNN Headline News morning show Robin & Company about his find. The island where Copperfield located the fountain is so restricted, telephone service is nearly impossible to get; therefore, Copperfield found a pier where he was just able to pick up a cell-phone signal to contact the outside world and speak directly with CNN’s Robin Meade. Meade questions him as to whether this is an elaborate set-up to his next big trick and if he really has hired scientists to test his fountain.


David Copperfield pulls this crap every couple of years. He made the Statue of Liberty disappear. He walked through the Great Wall of China. Now he discovered the fountain of youth. I know it's August, which traditionally is one of the slowest news months of the year, but does CNN's Robin Meade really believe that scientists are being whisked down to this desert isle with their fountain-of-youth testing equipment?

Of course not.

Magic is lame. Everybody knows this. So why do we continue to humor David Copperfield? Is he mentally disabled? Was he diagnosed with an incurable disease? Somebody, please tell me, and I'll continue to play along.


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