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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Carl Monday saga ends ... or is it just beginning?

Regular blog readers will remember Cleveland TV reporter Carl Monday, whose "investigation" of unsavory activity at the local library led to the on-camera humiliation of a poor loser caught "handling" himself in front of a computer and (most gratuitously) his family.

I found out about Monday via Deadspin.com, one of the best and funniest blogs on the Net. (Regular readers also know about my blog crush on Deadspin.) Well, Deadspin has the conclusion to the Carl Monday saga, and it's just as sleazily compelling at the rest of it. The poor loser was sentenced last week, and Monday was there to continue his torment in front of the cameras.

The handle guy deserved to be punished and banned from the library, no question. But why can't Monday leave this guy alone? You have to be a pretty big jerk to make a self-abusing perv sympathetic. Karma is not on good terms with the biggest TV journalist from the Mistake by the Lake.


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