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Friday, May 19, 2006

John Gibson clarifies racist remarks, but not really

John Gibson, underrated Fox News yahoo and Under 30 favorite, responded to charges that his call for white people to make more babies was racist. Shockingly, he said he was misinterpreted.

A FOX-hating and Gibson-hating blog reported Gibson said brown people are bad and whites should have babies to keep browns down.

While this is not true — not what I said, not what I meant, not what I think — this lie has even appeared in TIME magazine. "The Colbert Report" actually aired a cleverly edited My Word to have me saying something they evidently wanted me saying. Something shockingly racist.

Sorry, but I don't think Gibson is referring to Under 30 blog. But you can read the original post. Seems pretty clear to me the guy is batcrap insane. Which is why we love him, of course.

Gibson also says this in his "clarification":

I did say Hispanics have a higher birthrate than others in this country. But what I also said was that the others shouldn't make the Hispanics carry the whole load of population replenishment. It's hard work having kids.

Actually, John, you didn't say that. You cited two studies that said immigrant populations were growing faster than native populations in Europe and the United States, and then said "we" need to make more babies or else the majority population will be non-white.

But, hey, we don't mind that you think that! Don't go changing to try to please us! We like you crazy just the way you are!


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