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Friday, May 12, 2006

Who wants to see Rick Sutcliffe get wasted?

For this week's Under 30 rip-off from the funniest sports blog on the planet, Deadspin.com, we have video of former Chicago Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe's drunken meltdown during a Padres/Brewers game on Wednesday.

Moment to look for: "George Clooney?"

Here's a story recounting the gory details:

Sutcliffe, who used to broadcast Padres games for Channel 4 San Diego, dropped by the broadcast booth late in Wednesday night's game and was warmly welcomed by announcers Matt Vasgersian and Mark "Mud" Grant, a former big league pitcher.

The trio first talked about golf and actor Bill Murray, who was with Sutcliffe at the game. The conversation turned to Sutcliffe's daughter, who, the pitcher said, has been accepted to Harvard Medical School.

That's when Sutcliffe began to meander.

"She's on her way to Africa tomorrow," Sutcliffe said. "How about that? Over there on one of those missions, man. George Clooney — you been reading about all that, you been seeing that?"

To which Vasgersian responded with surprise: "George Clooney?"

"Yeah, he's up there with the Congress, he's trying to get everybody to go over there and solve that thing."

Sutcliffe then said: "I'm getting yelled at from Bill Murray in the back. I need to go. I'd much rather hang with you guys."

Grant thanked Sutcliffe for joining them.

"Mud, you're the best, man," Sutcliffe replied. "Anybody on Earth that doesn't like Mark Grant, they've got problems."

Sutcliffe then asked Vasgersian, "Matty, what are you still doing here in San Diego?"

Vasgersian tried to steer the conversation to baseball, but Sutcliffe persisted.

"No, no, no, Matty — everybody on Earth has been trying to steal you — the Dodgers, the Cubs, ESPN. What are you still doing here?"

Sutcliffe's microphone apparently was cut off then, because a voice in the background can be heard saying: "They turned it off."

Sutcliffe couldn't be reached for comment on Thursday, although ESPN read an apology from him on its late-night SportsCenter show.

Like you would act any differently after hitting the links (and clubhouse bar) with Bill Murray.


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