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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's gonna win "American Idol"?

Two writers from The Onion's AV Club blogged about the current season of "American Idol," and it's pretty good. Here's what they had to say about Under 30 favorite, Fetus:

Thanks to Paula Abdul, he's constantly referred to now as a "sex symbol." Okay, I'm confused: When you call this kid a sex symbol, are we still talking about the sex that involves (screwing) and whatnot? Or is there some other kind of sex that's possibly presaged by a choirboy singing "Starry Starry Night" in an angelic voice?

While "AI" has long been a hit, this season seems to really be capturing people's imaginations, including viewers like myself who watched only occasionally in the past. I can't explain why, because only two or three of the remaining contestants deserve a weekly showcase on network television. But Scott Tobias nailed the show's appeal for me when he wrote this:

If American Idol was #100 in the Nielson's instead of #1, I don't know that I'd care about it that much. The fact that this cheesy karaoke show actually does change the face of popular music—and popular culture in general—makes it compelling. That so many people watch also raises the stakes and makes you nervous for the performers, who do occasionally wilt under the pressure. But the primary reason I watch remains Simon Cowell. The sadist in me wants him to put these kids in their place, but mostly, his criticism is just dead-on most of the time. What's more, I think the contestants and the audience, however often they vocalize their displeasure with his opinions, look to him as the real standard-bearer of excellence.

The writers also speculate on who they think will win. Katharine McPhee, who is uber foxy in my opinion, seems to be the favorite, though I think Chris Daughtry, despite his love of awful modern radio rock standards, is the best overall performer.

Any thoughts on possible "American Idol" winners?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also think Chris Daughtry will win. The guy can sing and is a cool looking dude. I actually, for some reason, seem to cheer for that gray haired Taylor Hicks. It must be his dance moves that get to me. -r

3:57 PM  
Anonymous m said...

there are some terrible singers left. i saw a bit of it last night.

8:44 PM  
Blogger klhp said...

The Fetus is no longer! I'm so happy. He was so awkward, it was hard to watch.

By the way, I like Katharine McPhee, Chris and Mandisa.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Giyogal said...

There are definitely some talented singers left. I think that Catherine has a good chance, as does Mandisa and Paris. I'm also guilty of really liking Taylor. I guess only time will tell.

12:28 PM  

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