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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shameless self-promotion

In this week's Check it Out, I wrote about the hubub that won't go away over "Brokeback Mountain" winning best picture. Here's a sample:

What's annoying about "Brokeback Mountain" is that it has been turned into a referendum on gay rights, like "The Passion of the Christ" was for Christianity and "Fahrenheit 9/11" for George W. Bush. Not liking "Brokeback Mountain" somehow is equated with not liking gay people, a silly argument that actually undermines the gay cause. Are we supposed to regard "Brokeback Mountain" as a love story about two star-crossed lovers that anyone can relate to, or a "gay movie"? That even the film's supporters seem to believe the latter is a sign we haven't come far enough, not "Crash" winning best picture.

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Anonymous AJ said...

The bigger picture is that this film degrades marriage. It's all about following your own passions and not taking the higher road of honoring your commitment to the spouse and kids.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Thomas Roz said...

Everyone has an agenda. It's boring. I'm more annoyed by the constant jokes in pop culture ... "Don't be goin' all Brokeback on me!" or whatever. If I hate 'em, I can only imagine how Heath Ledger feels.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous cheddar said...

I think the most offensive thing about the Oscars was the utter lack of recognition for "Sin City," at least as far as technical achievements. Say what you want about the content, but every critic on the planet lauded its originality and groundbreaking nature.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous m said...

life is all about doing what's important for you first.

7:28 PM  

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