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Friday, February 03, 2006

Another Does he suck? election update

Say what you will about Dashboard Confessional, but the professional cry-baby with caterpillar sideburns really brings out the voters. We have had record turnout and there still are about two and a half hours to go before the polls close. Of course, this is our first Does he suck? election, so any turnout would be a record, but still.

As with any hotly contested election, voters are sharply divided. One "Suck" supporter asserted that Dashboard doesn't suck, he is the definition of suck, a statement I have unfortunately been unable to confirm with my American College Dictionary.

"Not suck" voters have been equally vitriolic, including one voter who doubted whether the "Suck" supporters had ever been in love. Ouch! Apparently Dashboard Confessional is like Christmas, and embracing him will make your heart grow three sizes. I don't dare count the votes yet. It's too close. If you haven't voted yet, do it!


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