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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

OK, so I used to defend Barry Bonds ...

...because, you know, I believe in benefit of the doubt. But this is pretty devastating.

San Francisco Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams trace Bonds steroid use back to his resentment of Mark McGwire during the 1998 home run chase.

On the West Coast, Barry Bonds was astounded and aggrieved by the outpouring of hero worship for McGwire, a hitter whom he regarded as obviously inferior to himself. Bonds was 34 years old, had played in the big leagues for 12 years and was known for an unusual combination of speed and power. Before the 1993 season he had signed what was then the richest contract in the game: $43.75 million for six years, and he knew he was on his way to the Hall of Fame. For as long as he had played baseball, Bonds had regarded himself as better than every other player he encountered, and almost always he was right.

But as the 1998 season ended, Bonds's elite status had slipped a notch. The game and its fans were less interested in the complete player who could hit for average and power and who had great speed and an excellent glove. The emphasis was shifting to pure slugging. As McGwire was celebrated as the best slugger of the modern era and perhaps the greatest who had ever lived, Bonds became more jealous than people who knew him well had ever seen.

To Bonds it was a joke. He had been around enough gyms to recognize that McGwire was a juicer. Bonds himself had never used a performance enhancer more potent than a protein shake from the health-food store. But as the 1998 season unfolded and, as he watched Mark McGwire take over the game -- his game -- Barry Bonds decided that he, too, would begin using what he called "the s---."

Of course, this only makes Bonds more fascinating. The man has turned into the Michael Corleone of baseball, only with a thicker neck.


Anonymous cheddar said...

He's a piece of s---.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous mwr said...

he's similar to the countless other professional atheletes breaking the rules. i don't hate him any more or less than canseco, palmerio, sosa, mcgwire, those wiener dog pitchers who can't even make it up from tripple A, those who haven't passed their random drug tests.

wait though he is arrogant...

i hope he plays this season, since they let them. it's unfair for the giants to not have bonds if everyone else gets to keep their juicers.

11:42 AM  

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