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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I get to hear the new Built to Spill album before you do

It looks like I'm reviewing the new Built to Spill album, due out April 11, for Harp. After the band's most recent effort, 2001's blah "Ancient Melodies of the Future," this might not be cause for much excitement. But the song posted on MySpace is ridonkulously good. Here's hoping BTS is back to jamming Crazy Horse style.

UPDATE: Actually, I'm not reviewing this album now. But I am getting the new Flaming Lips, Loose Fur and two Cheap Trick reissues, so that ain't bad.


Anonymous mark said...


12:08 PM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

From you title, I can just hear the sing song voice of a little kid going "I get to hear the new Built to Spill album before you do" followed by Nanny Nanny Boo Boo stick your foot in Doo Doo. (Please note: not turd}

8:40 AM  
Anonymous m said...

i kinda like the ring of "nannny nanny boo boo stick your foot in turd."

2:57 PM  

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